History of RVCA

Back in 2000, PM Tenore founded RVCA with the sole intention of creating a multifaceted lifestyle brand that centers on the unique aspects of modern culture such as art, music, fashion and sports. At the forefront of his vision is RVCA's Artist Network Program (ANP), which is a venture, established to showcase the talents of accomplished and up-and-coming artists who continue to inspire the influencers of this generation with their creativity and design.

RVCA, or pronounced as roo-kuh, is slang for ‘babe’ in Spanish and is also translated to ‘clothes’ in Greek. RVCA specializes on high-quality street wear gear that is closely associated with street art graffiti and skateboarding lifestyles.

The brand carries apparel, books and accessories for both men and women. RVCA is now owned and operated by Australian sportswear brand, Billabong.


RVCA is more than just a clothing brand; it represents a unique, modern lifestyle. It is proudly worn by iconic personalities such as professional skater Cory Kennedy, MMA fighter BJ Penn, Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter Lucas “Loucura” Leite and exprt surfer Matt Archibald among many others. The brand is also involved with various contemporary art galleries such as the KNOWN Gallery, the New Image Art Gallery in LA and the Luggage Store Gallery in SFO.


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Posted about 7 years ago