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Established in 2007, the Joyrich brand came to life through the hands of founder, Tom Hirota, in the heart of Los Angeles. Joyrich has quickly developed into an international brand under the leadership of Taka Okude (brand director) and David Melgar (creative designer).

Joyrich blends the essence of drama and color to create balanced style-stopping pieces that are always fun to wear and suggest an aura of both casualness and richness. They are loud, fun, colorful and almost always show-stopping.

What makes the brand so unique is the vision that comes from the team's mix of personal influences cultivated with a "retro-future" flair inspired by iconic items of past generations. These visions are definitely what make the brand as it is today.


Showcasing the brand's unique characteristics are t-shirts and sweatshirts always covered in pop art graphics and sitting alongside ultra-bright denim and jeans. Joyrich is famous among celebrities and style icons because they are not afraid of playing with eye-popping colors and very loud prints. In fact, that’s exactly what the Joyrich brand so unique and coveted.

Joyrich prides itself of designing statement pieces such as leopard athletic jackets, colorful floral maxi dresses and pop-influenced graphic tees. They also carry accessories such as sleek metallic backpacks, graphic slouchy beanies and edgy iPhone cases.

The company has also recently collaborated with a number of iconic brands such as Malcolm Stuart, Betty Boop, Choco Moo, Disney and Keith Haring.


If you’re looking to revamp your entire wardrobe and load up on statement pieces that will add more life to your closet, Joyrich will surely make any outfit pop - what with its loud prints and bold colors.

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Posted almost 7 years ago