Founded by Jen McMillan in 2003, Bandit is an American clothing brand specializing on nostalgic vintage-style tees for both women and men. The brand prides itself for being non-conformist, anti-trend and non-seasonal. It is also obsessed with good quality and is not one to prioritize mass production over good design.

Made in the USA, Bandit shirts are unique and meticulously hand-painted on 100% cotton shirts. The designs are inspired by tongue-in-cheek sayings and real places, plus they also feature masterpieces from up-and-coming artists and designers. They are meant to washed and worn repeatedly to get that authentic vintage feel.

Bandit also carries jewelry and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces such as bleached out denim vests, authentic 1960’s rock and roll handmade leather suede applique vests and belt buckles from circa 1970.

As the Bandit brand puts it best, live free.


Bandit features three main collections: Sweet and Lowdown, Black Hills and Born To Run.

Inspired by Western Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, the Sweet and Lowdown collection offers a great selection of Wild West-inspired tees and accessories.

The Black Hills collection showcases black and white shirts for men and women.

Perfect for adventurers by heart, the Born To Run collection showcases lifestyle designs that are meant for the free-spirited and fun loving.


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Posted about 7 years ago